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What is Ecotile?

Ecotile is an interlocking flooring solution that can be installed in factories, warehouses and industrial facilities without causing any disruption to business.

Unlike epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, floor paint and traditional industrial floors, Ecotile can be laid directly over almost any hard surface. Cracking, brittle and damaged resin flooring, paint delamination, dust, dirt, damp or contamination problems are all eliminated in a quick and simple way.

Our PVC interlocking tiles will provide a warm, dust free, easy-to-maintain and tough flooring solution that will help power your business for many years to come.

Here in the Indian Subcontinent, Rockpecker are the official and exclusive distributor of Ecotile floor tiles. 

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Why Choose Ecotile?

Tough & Dependable

Ecotile is a heavy duty floor tile that can withstand traffic from HGV's, pallet trucks, and fork trucks. A floor that will last a lifetime with excellent resistance to impact, vibration and heavy wear.

Minimal Preparation and Zero Downtime

Ecotile can be laid over damaged, damp, uneven and contaminated floors with minimal preparation to the substrate. There are no curing times and you don't need to clear the area, just lay the tiles while you continue to work. 

Safety & Environment

With Ecotile you can reduce noise levels by up to 46db, reduce worker fatigue and improve anti-slip properties. Ecotile is 100% recyclable - Zero VOC emissions and never ends up in Landfill. 

Fully Modular

Utilise colours and floor markings to create safe zones, walkways and quality control areas. Move or add new markings easily and replace individual tiles in seconds.

Made in Britain

Ecotile is manufactured in Great Britain by Ecotile Flooring Ltd. The factory is an award winning, automated plant that is able to deliver short lead times and reliable production.

Cost Effective

Invest in Ecotile and reduce the time and labour involved in cleaning and repairing your floor. With a longer life-span and less maintenance required, our tiles are a very cost effective option when compared to other products.  

“The time it took between order and receiving the tiles was surprisingly quick and the efficiency was exceptional. I was more than happy with the choice we made and the tiles received. They are very good quality and the fit / finish is second to none.” 

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